SKUP – Community of Private Institutes

SKUP – Community of Private Institutes is a non-governmental organisation founded as a private institute in 2009 by Inštitut Primus ( and the business institute MONEO.

The mission of the community is to develop services for the quality of life.

The community carries out activities, programmes and projects aimed at:

  • linking up private Slovenian institutes
  • raising the quality of their operations
  • promoting the transfer of the services of public institutes and public entities to the private sector
  • promoting research, innovation and the creativity of private institutes
  • cooperation in the processes of formulating policies, regulations and measures on the local, regional, national and European levels
  • cooperating with other domestic and international networks of non-governmental organisations and organisations of the civil society and social economy

Information for legal transactions:

Name: SKUP - Skupnost privatnih zavodov
Address: Britof 469, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia
Telephone: + 386 4 23 448 04
Fax: + 386 4 23 448 05
Mobile: + 386 31 646 896
Managing Director: Tatjana Strojan
Registration number: 3567591
VAT number: 42209960
Business account: SI56 02068-0257843494

SKUP - skupnost privatnih zavodov.